I dwell in
I float


Endless array of thoughts racing in my head. Twisting me. Consuming me. Leaving me perplexed.
Endless. And in dire need to be written down, seeking freedom. Needing closure.

It is all there. All in my head. All in my heart.
All those:
Imprisoned words longing to be written. Entangled thoughts urged to be settled. Confined emotions strangling to be free.

The question is:
Have I lost my will to write? Or have time manipulated me?
Have I gone too far being indifferent? Or have passion lost me?

Words. It is only words, written on a paper. What’s the use then?
Is there more than what all those writers have said thousands of years ago?
What is to be said that’s new?
Are there any more stories that have never been told?
It is all repeated, just in different ways. In different languages. In different styles.

Not only stories. Not only thoughts. Even news, all are just repetitions of what already happened. Same new old news.

It’s all becoming blab.
It’s pointless.

Any interesting events in Cairo these days?

Working with children gives me energy…
Their energy and purity fuels me with happiness.

“For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse.

So collapse.
This is not your destruction.

This is your birth.”

—   n.t. (via tagharyen)


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“It is always the closest one to your heart who manage to break it.”


The best quotes from John Green. 

(Source: BuzzFeed, via les--tulipes)

I decided to focus more on what I should be giving instead of what I should be receiving.
I decided to look at my mistakes and try to fix them instead of putting the blame on others.
I decided to move forward. To forgive. To appreciate what is there not dwell in the torture of what is missing.

From your loved ones.
Even your smallest addictions.

From places, spaces and time.

Remove the chain of faulted wisdom.
For it’s all lies.

As for them,
They could fake many faces.
They could break your heart.

Adulthood means a bunch of hypocrites, claiming wisdom in their fakery.

It is all a lie. They all lie.

And I’m sick of you all!

“والكل بقاله سكة ماشي في طريق سريع …”